Save Money by Spending?

Family Freedom Fund is all about saving money. One way to do that is to spend less. Don’t worry, we make it fun to save on no-compromise products and services that you already use. We hope you will add your savings to your or your children’s retirement funds.  If you have an account with us, we will add any profits from your purchases to your retirement fund.

New Low-Cost Mobile Services are Here!

Save money by cutting your smartphone service to $10.00 / mo or less.* Hint for new parents and grandparents: Apply your savings to your new loved one’s retirement through FFF and you can share some greatness.  You will be a truly Great Parent or Grandparent and your (grand)-son-or-daughter will enjoy a Great Worry Free Retirement, fully funded by their 21st birthday.  If you start early, it really is that easy to save your child or grandchild from Social Security’s poverty level retirement plan. * Phone(s) Extra.

Republic Wireless – Smart Mobile Service

Freedom-Pop – Service Starts at $ZERO!

MagicJack – Smart Mobile Home Phone+

BringYourOwnWireless – GSM + CDMA

Easy No-Risk 200% Return on Investment

Save Money by replacing your old light bulbs with LED equivalents. The latest energy saving LED bulbs save up to 90% on your cost of lighting. With 60 watt replacements now available for under $5.00, annual ROI averages 200% for a bulb’s 20 plus year lifespan, all tax-free.

Our blog has reviews on these and more cost saving opportunities.


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